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Mayday Parade - 08/10/16

Today was pretty cool, we played with one of our biggest idols growing up playing music, Mayday Parade. It was an increadibly humbling experience and was one that all of us will struggle to forget.

The crowd response was great, everyone got involed it was sick, plus we also got to watch mayday parade which was probably more exciting than actually playing.


w/ Eat Your Heart Out - 01/07/16

It was great getting on the road with some old and new friends. Second tour with the EYHO guys was great. Good to catch up with them again! The Boys in KAH were also sweet, good to make some new interstate friends :)

The Tour went really well, we had a great reception interstate and in Victoria. Brisbane was cool though, venue backed out on the day off the show but we were fortunate enough to have some friends put on a house show which had 50-60 kids there, was a really sweet night.